Curd Jürgens: "Best of all"!

Filiz Elgezdi,
Ankara, Turkei

Curd Jürgens was the best of all. He was my favourite actor since I was a teenager. He was a great stage and movie actor and a charismatic world star! He has earned this title by working hard and he loved working, one of the things he could never have given up. He had such an impressive role playing power that would have affected you and taken you along with him into the movies as if you were with him in real life. And... and what can I say about his wonderful voice? Just fascinating and thrilling..I think nobody could have listened to him without being affected by his voice with its amazing ups and downs. That is why, in almost all of his movies he had used his own voice (just a few were spoken by someone else). He was the most precious gift for us, for the world cinema.

Death.. It is true that death is a part of our lives! Our minds accept, but our hearts??.our hearts rebel against this truth. It is hard to accept the loss of our beloved ones. He was a legend, he still is and will be forever..the unforgettable Curd Jürgens. You know what?..I think that somewhere inside him a fear was hidden, a fear that one could forget him. If not, why he should have said the words "...die angst man könnte mich vergessen" in his song "60 jahre und kein bisschen weise". I wish I could have told him to be sure that such a charismatic person like himself, such meaningful eyes, such nice looks, such a sweet smile, such a great actor and such a wonderful and fascinating voice and such successes could never be forgotten.

When I was young, I was used to watch his movies with my father, who so much looked like him, except the eye-colour. Everytime, the question I asked my father was that how come they looked alike so much and a nice smile was the answer. It has been years now that I have lost him too.

Dear Curd Jürgens, the most generous thanks for everything, for having been born, for everything you have succeeded for us- for your liebhabers, for every word you have written, for every song you have sung, for every character you have portrayed (one of which influenced me most : Tzar Alexander II), for the everlasting magnificent works you have left behind.
Just one thing I am not going to thank you for, that you haven't taken good care of yourself, your health, haven't listened to the warnings to slow down and/or decrease your activities, especially after the first heart attact and what a pity of fate that you have left us too early. You should have lived much longer. But I hope sometime, I don't know when, we all will be together again, with our beloved ones.

Millions of thanks, millions of thanks, millions of thanks..."Für alles"!

PS. Sorry for the English, since my German is not too good enough to express my thoughts and feelings.