"A remarkable man has died"

Peter Hellgrön,
Tallinn, Estonia

Hello, this is Peter Hellgrön from Estonia and I like to give thanks to Joachim Kemmer for his passionate acting on "TV". He was deversely talented and it's very pity that we don't have him by our side anymore. Nevertheless I want to say thank you! I regard him as one of my highest idols. I wrote this letter to you because you are the only source where I can thank Joachim Kemmer, personally. I hope he will rest in peace for time being and hopefully forever!

I've seen his perfect movies on "German TV" and he impressed me always again with his passion in acting. I speak less German but I can say one: "Danke, Joachim, für deine guten Filme".
I do only want one thing of you. I want you, Joachim Kemmer, to stay in my heart forever. It'd be the most important thing I can tell about him now. I write you this letter because I want to be sure that he will never be extinguished from my minds. Let we him rest in peace for the next decades and centuries. And maybe sometime we'll see us again.

Thank you very much for reading my message.
Still in deep mourning,

Peter Hellgrön.