"He was a unique human-being"

Peter M. Schneider,
London, Great Britain

Dear ladies and gentlemen,

my name is Peter M. Schneider and I'm from England.
I want to give thanks to one of the best actors who ever lived here on your web side. Joachim Kemmer was also for me a unique actor. Although he was German I understood want he wanted express with his acting in front of the "TV"! He wanted to make the people see how bad and good people can be. He was a very prolific actor and passionate as well. He was so glad when even foreign people desired him. I'm so sorry for his death. I wish he were still alive. I really would do everything for giving his life back. How sad is it that he had to die of lung cancer.
He will also ever grow in my heart as all the other dear deceased people. I knew him personally. I once met him at the Berlin center when I made my holidays in Brandenburg. Unfortunately, I speak less German. My father can speak your language better than me.
I watched his movies on "ZDF". In former times we received German TV channels and that's why I could watch his movies and series.

I hope he can rest in peace. How sad is it that we're not able to give him his life back. It would be so gorgeous if he could raise from the dead. But we're not able to hinder it. I hope I can hug him when I'm dead later.

May he rest in peace. I hope your letter did please you. Thank you for reading.

Have a nice day,

your Peter M. Schneider.