Gedenkbuch Joachim Kemmer


12.09.1939 - 27.04.2000


Ein toller Mann!

Joachim Kemmer ist mein Lieblings Synchronsprecher! Vor allem bei den "Disney Meisterwerken!

Er möge in Frieden ruhen!


Claudius M. Santrgénn
Oslo, Norway

"I haven't known it yet! What a drama!"

Hello, this is Claudius Martin Santrénn from Oslo, Norway.
I'm so terribly shocked! I've been waiting for him all the time.
I would have liked to meet him sometime and now I hear that he isn't alive anymore. I can't express how sorry I am for all this.
I'm sorry for his family and for you all who work here on "Promigrab!"

I hope you and I will all try to cherish his memory.
Joachim, wherever you may be now one part of me will accompany you on your way beyond us. Thank you very much for reading my text.

Sincerely, Claudius Martin Santgrénn!

Peter Hellgrön,
Tallinn, Estonia

"A remarkable man has died"

Hello, this is Peter Hellgrön from Estonia and I like to give thanks to Joachim Kemmer for his passionate acting on "TV". He was deversely talented and it's very pity that we don't have him by our side anymore. Nevertheless I want to say thank you! I regard him as one of my highest idols. I wrote this letter to you because you are the only source where I can thank Joachim Kemmer, personally. I hope he will rest in peace for time being and hopefully forever!

I've seen his perfect movies on "German TV" and he impressed me always again with his passion in acting. I speak less German but I can say one: "Danke, Joachim, für deine guten Filme".
I do only want one thing of you. I want you, Joachim Kemmer, to stay in my heart forever. It'd be the most important thing I can tell about him now. I write you this letter because I want to be sure that he will never be extinguished from my minds. Let we him rest in peace for the next decades and centuries. And maybe sometime we'll see us again.

Thank you very much for reading my message.
Still in deep mourning,

Peter Hellgrön.

Peter M. Schneider,
London, Great Britain

"He was a unique human-being"

Dear ladies and gentlemen,

my name is Peter M. Schneider and I'm from England.
I want to give thanks to one of the best actors who ever lived here on your web side. Joachim Kemmer was also for me a unique actor. Although he was German I understood want he wanted express with his acting in front of the "TV"! He wanted to make the people see how bad and good people can be. He was a very prolific actor and passionate as well. He was so glad when even foreign people desired him. I'm so sorry for his death. I wish he were still alive. I really would do everything for giving his life back. How sad is it that he had to die of lung cancer.
He will also ever grow in my heart as all the other dear deceased people. I knew him personally. I once met him at the Berlin center when I made my holidays in Brandenburg. Unfortunately, I speak less German. My father can speak your language better than me.
I watched his movies on "ZDF". In former times we received German TV channels and that's why I could watch his movies and series.

I hope he can rest in peace. How sad is it that we're not able to give him his life back. It would be so gorgeous if he could raise from the dead. But we're not able to hinder it. I hope I can hug him when I'm dead later.

May he rest in peace. I hope your letter did please you. Thank you for reading.

Have a nice day,

your Peter M. Schneider.


"Das ist vielleicht nicht der beste Weg,die Neigung des Mädchens zu gewinnen!"

Im Gedenken an Joachim Kemmer,

ich weiß nicht,wie es nach dem Tod mit "UNS" aussieht,aber ich hoffe, sie haben einen platz gefunden, wo sie Weise wie "Rafiki", (König der Llöwen), charmant wie "Lumiere "(die Schöne und das Biest), magisch wie "Dschafar" (Aladdin) und humorvoll wie "Willbur" (Bernhard und Bianca- im Känguruhland) auf "UNS" herabsehen können und bemerken, dass so ein wundervoller Mensch, Schauspieler und Stimmengeber "für immer" in den Herzen derer sein wird, die ab und an Zeit haben für "Làmour" (Aebastian-Aarielle)...

Für immer im Herzen und Andenken , sowie hochachtungsvoll,



"Ein großartiger Schauspieler"!

Warum müssen immer die "Guten"zu erst gehen?

Joachim Kemmer war so ein toller Schauspieler und eine Stimme hatte er: "Einfach fantastisch!" Ich sehe Joachim noch vor mir, in der Serie "Edgar, Hüter der Moral" wo er so viel Witz in der Rolle als "Edgar" der Hausmeiter mitbrachte. Er konnte einfach alles spielen, und es ist so schade, dass er schon von uns gehen musste. Ich werde Joachim Kemmer jedenfalls nicht vergessen und immer gut in Erinnerung behalten.

Ich vermisse ihn schon seh, aber so ist das Leben!

Möge es Dir, lieber Joachim, wo immer Du auch bist, gut gehen!

Danke, und ruhe in in Frieden!